We take care of the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

We provide you a fully managed customer data platform on AWS. You bring your own AWS account, and we automatically deploy and operate the platform so that you have full ownership of your data and complete transparency on involved processes.



We spent years in the big data industry and were frustrated by the insane amount of resources devoted to build, maintain, and operate customer data platforms, in-house.

So we built Datasinks.

Transparent through and through.

We provide you with dedicated Amazon Web Services™ accounts so that you have full ownership and control over your data, right from the start.

You should devote your resources and mindshare to the core business.

We enable you to understand your customers thoroughly with an extensive set of trackers and enrichment, a fully managed and unlimited scale data lake, and more.


Leverage the knowledge to deliver a personalized customer experience.

We empower you with a robust rule engine to create descriptive and behavioral segments, and real-time APIs to use them for a 1:1 customer relationship.

We are with you whether you are a rookie or a veteran.

We know how to implement effective solutions, and our expertise spans data engineering, AI/ML algorithms, and the AWS platform. At Datasinks, we are committed to delivering what your business needs to evolve, grow and succeed.


Each month we ingest and process billions of events and terabytes of data. Everything is carefully designed to follow your growth from the proof-of-concept to the full-fledged production application.

Last month metrics

1.8 B

1.3 TB

320 M